My take on the abiding challenge is along

the lines of law-abiding, or obeying directives.

Over the past few months Taji has become

rather puppy like in her behaviour. 

Barking at every-one, jumping up and down on her chain.

Yes…I do realise she knows

she is being let off (the chain) and is happy.

While there is a chain keeping her attached to

her kennel in this photo, over recent weeks

I have been making her wait until I am

back at the house before releasing her from

 (sans chain) this pose.

However, while she abides, under duress,

it is like training a gold-fish. 

Every day (or minute) is new,

and we begin at the very beginning!!!!  


Word of the Day Challenge: Abiding

One Word Photo Challenge-Sale


In my youth I always thought that a ‘Sale’ sign

meant all items were selling at reduced prices

Not the case though, is it?

I cannot remember where I saw this plate of goodies,

but there is every chance it was on a holiday,

or special occasion,

and we did pay through the nose for the privilege.

But the plate of goodies was for sale…at a price!

We did not put our hands in our pockets for this gondola ride.

At least not on the day.

However, I think it would be a safe bet to say

the gondoliers received payment for services

from Trafalgar Tours.

Monies which we paid Trafalgar.

I call this the sail…different spelling though.

What the Burj Al Arab had for sale was High Tea.

A three-hour experience which,

while not as affordable as a daily coffee,

was well worth every cent of its selling price.

That three hours did not include time spent

purchasing new clothes befitting

the occasion and the venue.

Even my photos are for sale…at a price.

However, I don’t think I will ever be known for my photos.

I participated in an Arts Trail weekend in March

and displayed some photos in previous art shows.

I discovered that having a piece of art for sale

and having it sold are poles apart.


One Word Photo Challenge: Sale