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Jennifer Hillier

Freak is my third Jennifer Hillier book and one which appears to be a sequel to Creep.  Many of the good guys, along with a bad gal, make a reprise in Freak.  Creep characters, Sheila, Maurice, Marianne and Jerry are all central characters in Freak, fast-moving and interesting story particularly as some it is set in a prison which was my last place of employment.


I thought the villain of Freak was fairly obvious.  However, each and every time I thought I had identified to the villain I was either incorrect or they turned up dead a few pages on.  I guess that makes me still incorrect. 


I enjoyed Freak, although I still think The Butcher is the pick of the three of Hillier’s books which I have read.  That said, Freak kept me guessing while The Butcher villain was obvious early on it was his methods and catching him which kept readers on edge.  And that, according to Doctor Google, is the difference between a mystery and a thriller.


However, the end of Freak was totally unexpected and one which has left the door wide open for a sequel. 

On August 1st, 2018

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In a few months paddocks/fields around here…

and all over Western Victoria will be painted yellow…

as this years canola crops begin to bloom.


Below another version of field.

And within a few weeks crickets fields around Victoria

will be spotted with players dressed

in their traditional whites.

One side bats while he other side bowls and fields.

This young  player is about to field a ball hit by a batter.




All day I have had deadlines to meet.This morning’s alarm was set for 0445 so I could…

be in Geelong for the 0615 departure of

the #portphillipferries trial run of a new

Geelong – Melbourne service.

Melbourne’s skyline was soon visible

and at 35 knots time passed quickly.

By around 0730 sunrise was beginning to

show over the clouds…

The Yarra River provided a slower speed

and glimpses of the sun between buildings.

The West Gate Bridge over the Yarra,

is one  of the major road feeds

in to Melbourne from the west.

I have driven it countless times,

however this was a first.

We arrived at Docklands, behind Etihad Stadium

on our deadline of 0745.

After making my way to

Southern Cross Station in Spencer Street,

I discovered I had a little over thirty minutes

before my return journey by train departed at 0910.

Just enough time for breakfast!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Deadline