Book Review-The-Farmer’s-Wife


The Farmer’s Wife 

(Jillaroo #2)


Rachael Treasure

Read: May 28, 2015

As you can see it has been a while since I read The Farmer’s Wife.  However most of my review was written at the time of reading.

The Farmer’s Wife was described to me as ‘chick lit’…and to a degree it was.  It was probably the first book I have read in which lead roles are female.

However, I enjoyed listening to this story and could relate to much of it after spending fifty years on a farm.  It’s not all about farming and at some points I was thinking ‘we could skip that’ but was enjoyable.

I found that I was familiar with some  of the towns regions mentioned int The Farmer’s Wife.  In my opinion this always makes a book a better read/listen.

I will look out for more of Rachel Treasure’s books.

A three and a half star (for the rural setting) read.  However, if you are not inclined to rural settings you may not enjoy this book.

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I have had a swollen big toe joint

for some years now. 

Diagnosed as gouty, arthritis it has

caused some discomfort at times.

About mid June, in Banff, it was particularly painful. 

At day’s end I discovered I had developed

a blister which had burst.

I think it qualifies as swollen.

More important is to get it healed in seven weeks 

prior to Number 1 Son’s wedding.

If not healed I may be going to

the wedding barefoot as

even sneakers are not comfortable.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Swollen




This week’s blues…

Glacier Bay, Alaska

(slightly enhanced)

From the top of Grouse Mountain, Vancouver.

Victoria’s War Memorial

Legislative Assembly

building in the background

Vancouver Island Canada.

Last two photos are natural.


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