Our spokesperson, Ken…

expressing, on our behalf, our gratitude to Kaczy

for the wonderful person she was/is during

the Alaskan leg of our travels.


A week or so earlier Ken had acted in a similar capacity

when we bade Bob farewell in Vancouver.


And each time we are able to rise before the sun

to capture images such as this,

no matter what aches and pains there maybe,

or how cold the morning,

we should off up a prayer of gratitude

simply because we are able.


Pic and Word Challenge: Gratitude




A wet day in… 

colourful Murano.


Even the rain could not hide…


Murano’s colourful character.

A young African dancer’s dress.

A preening parrot at Geelong’s Balyang Sanctuary.

LIghts in a restaurant… 


near the London Eye.


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