Black and White Challenge.


Commencing in Rome…

I think…

with statues….their names…

or history…unknown.

These, however, are wood carvings…

on top of Vancouver’s,

Grouse Mountain.


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Sculptures-Statues-Carvings





Anyone who has  owned a Labrador will know

they are not the swiftest on their feet.

I was lucky to have camera in hand for this 

chase across the backyard. 

Labs are not bad if the track is straight, however,

if the quarry adds a twist or two

their reflexes are not good enough to keep up.


Stray dog must have known that fun fact

about a Labrador’s agility also,

for it zig zagged for the fence.


About twenty feet from the fence

Maggie started to apply the brakes

while stray dog kept going and ducked under.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Reflex



I hope these are suitable for this challenge.

About twelve months ago I volunteered to advertised

my in-laws goods and chattels on local Facebook groups.

  Mother-in-law had passed away in January 2017

and Father-in-law was downsizing to a retirement village.

Flying ducks…definitely not new and sold quickly.

One of my favourites was this hand painted vase.

Along with other crockery it finished up

being donated to an Op Shop.


Wits End Weekly PChallenge: Something-Borrowed