Book Review-Tropical-Depression


Tropical Depression 

(Billy Knight Thrillers #1)


Jeff Lindsay

Read: August 2018

I initially borrowed Billy Knight #2 (Red Tide) from the local library, and decided to listen to the Billy Knight #1 Thriller, Tropical Depression.  Before I commenced the ‘thriller’ I noticed another Goodreads reader commenting that 75% of a very dull story was enough.   The first chapter/track seemed so disjointed that I had to listen to it twice.  However, I will concede that first listen consisted of very short drives.  Listening to the beginning of new book requires some concentration and extended periods of listening to ‘get into it’.

I still don’t know why we needed to hear how untidy and high the weeds were in Billy’s garden.  We were also introduced to several acquaintances all of which had little or nothing to do with the story line.  One such character was an Australian….with a Cockney accent!!!  To make matters worse the narrator could not even hold the accent.  Sentences would begin with a Cockney sounding accent and slowly revert to the narrator’s normal voice.


Again in my opinion there is a fine line between conversation and narrative in a thriller or mystery.  I do not like either one to outweigh the other especially if it appears to simply be filling a page or chapter.  When authors begin to describe the height of weeds in a garden, the hues of wall paint, provide in-depth detailed descriptions of another character’s clothes or dust in a room, it has to be relevant to the story.  I find that narrative very, very boring.

The short version of this story is the Billy Knight is an ex-cop.  A friend’s son is killed.  Soon after which the aforementioned friend is also killed.

I did listen to the whole story.  Not the worst book I have heard/read, however certainly not the best.  I will also give Tropical Depression two stars; one for publishing and one because I could not write a children’s book let alone a novel.  However, it has a long way to go before it is of thriller status, in my opinion.


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on August, 2018

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Only found this challenge on Sunday.

Could not resist joining especially with

Animals as this week’s challenge.


Travelled all the way to Botswana’s

Chobe National Park to be blurted at by a giraffe.

International travel African style.

Crossing the Chobe River from

Botswana into Namibia.

Because this fellow was on a river bank,

we did not take much notice of him.


This was a different story though.

Not a happy local.

Our first, and to date our only pride of lions

sighted relaxing on a road well-travelled.


This shot gave me goose bumps on my arms.

Limpy, a lame lioness, was only

about 15 feet from our open vehicle.

She appeared to be looking down my camera lens

straight in to my eye.

That’s one of her cubs  having fun with mum’s tail below.


Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Animals-in-Nature