Book Review-The-Girl-From-Silent-Lake

The Girl From Silent Lake

(Dr. Kay Sharp #1)


Leslie Wolfe

Leslie Wolfe’s latest offering, The Girl From Silent Lake featuring FBI profiler Kay Sharp, began with a bang followed by several chapters during which characters and their back stories were introduced.  I felt that these chapters impacted significantly on the first, by slowing the flow considerably.  Fortunately, after character introductions, the pace of The Girl from Silent Lake increased with each chapter.

FBI profiler Kay Sharp leaves her ‘glamorous’ job to return to her home town of Mount Chester after her brother, at his first court appearance, is given six months jail time for what is little more than a push and shove bar fight during which he was severely provoked into throwing a punch.

Sharp has barely unpacked when she is visited by Elliot, a member of local law enforcement.  A grave and body had been discovered at Silent Lake; the work of a serial killer according to Dr Kay Sharp, our FBI heroine.

From here the pace of The Girl From Silent Lake increases with each chapter culminating in a nail biting climax during which…..

You will have to read The Girl From Silent Lake to find out.

I rated The Girl From Silent Lake as a solid four star read.

I’m looking forward to the April 23, 2021 release of the next Kay Sharp novel, Beneath Black Water River (Sharp #2).

I rated

The Girl From Silent Lake

as a solidstar read.

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The Girl From Silent Lake

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