restore (something old, especially a building)
to a good state of repair.

Note the right hand side of my woolshed roof

has a very new look about it

when compared to the left side.

I had many other options that could

have used a renovation,

however Mother Nature decided for me.

We often get what we call whirlwinds

(tiny tornados or cyclones )

which do no harm…usually.

Although I did not see the event it must have been

a bigger whirlwind than normal as

about half the roof on the east side of

my woolshed was scattered all over

the woolshed paddock.

Hence the renovated roof.



Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Renovate







On more than  one occasion I have mentioned

the Men’s Shed to which I belong. 

This is half the workshop and its contents

have been donated to us.

We also have a separate meeting room.



Our first grandchild is the newest thing

in our lives this year. 

She was born on March 2 

and already has a passport photo. 

We will meet her closer to, or at, Easter.


A Photo a Week Challenge:…A-New-Photo









an instrument for weighing,
originally a simple balance ( a pair of scales )
but now usually a device with an electronic
or other internal weighing mechanism.


each of the small, thin horny or bony plates
protecting the skin of fish and reptiles,
typically overlapping one another.

Scales on our friendly…



Blue Tongue Lizard.

It has  been living under oour front verandah.

However,  hasn’t been sighted for a while,

Although our neighbour speaks of a

Blue Tongue living near his shed.


A few years back Candi was barking

madly at this dead snake.

Either I ran over it while cutting grass or a predator

had dropped it from a great height.




My first thought upon seeing the week’s challenge.








When this elephant wandered past us our guide said,

There goes the whole of Africa.

Knowing our guide he would have

had a twinkle in his eye, as we did,

not knowing whether he had

said Hole or Whole


However there was no discussion about spelling

we when arrived at Lochnagar Crater, some

21 Km from Villers Bretonneux.

A hole in the ground it was.

Created by detonating 27 tons of explosive

under the German army’s frontline.

The explosion created a crater

330 feet (100.5 metres) across

and 70 ft (21 metres) deep.

For comparison a Jumbo jet

measures 63 metres in length

with a wing span of 60 metres

and a height of 19.4 metres (63 ft 6 in)

meaning it would easily fit in the crater.