A faded image of he past brings back

some equally faded memories.

My Grandfather (Bill) on the left died

when I was only 18 months old. 

Next to Bill is Rita. 

Rita’s funeral was the first time I acted as a coffiin bearer.

  I also taught Rita’s Great Grand Daughter

as a Casual relief teacher before we left the farm.

Frank and Jimmy lived in Melbourne and

passed away far earlier than I would have liked. 

Far right is Aunite Eddie who spent most of her married life

in Perth, Western Australia.  

My Grandfather and his brothers and sisters.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Faded








Eight kilometres, or miles, to come or go,

or the eighth post


When the minute hand reaches number 8

the time is 40 minutes past the hour

or only 20 minutes until the next hour has passed.


It may have only been campfire fare but we

ate well on our Botswana Safari.


A wet Sunday afternoon in

a Murano Restaurant…

…where one-and-all ate well,

drank well, and became

merrier as the afternoon drew to a close