a number, especially one which
forms part of official statistics or relates
to the financial performance
of a company.

The figures from which this chart is created

indicate that our economy is gradually improving

  since its low point of twelve months ago.


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Book Review-The-Last-Dance

The Last Dance


Fiona McIntosh

Stella Myles has lost both parents and is sole parent to a younger brother and sister.  She is finding it hard to make ends meets and decides to join her friend at a dance where girls are paid to dance with men.

Set in the 1930s in England, The Last Dance follows Stella’s life as she struggles to come to grips with the fact that she is in love with her employer.

At the aforementioned dance, Stella meets a suave, sophisticated Monty.  Monty gives Stella the name of an employment agency where she lands a job as a Nanny to two girls.

Upon arriving at her place of employment, ‘Harps End’, she finds Mum to epitomise the upper class English wife.  Eldest daughter 16 year-old Georgie is a spiteful brat, while little sister Grace is adorable.  It is fortunate that Stella is out walking when she meets the girls’ father, Douglas.  There appears to be more to the bespectacled Douglas (aka Monty…from the dance hall) than meets the eye.  However, Stella joins the subterfuge and soon loses her heart to Monty.   She is dragged deeper and deeper into Monty’s world and ends up transporting vital information smuggled out of Germany at great cost, to the British Home Office.

The epilogue wraps up many lose ends to create a warm ending to The Last Dance.   The Last Dance is the type of story which will be enjoyed by readers or listeners (like me).

I thoroughly enjoyed

The Last Dance

and rate it a three and a half star story.

Narrator, Madeleine Leslay, did a wonderful job

of presenting both male and female characters

with easily identifiable voices

for an overall…

four star



At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers have rated

The Last Dance

an average of 3.77 stars

from 855 ratings

 and 69 reviews.

The Last Dance

can be purchased on-line at

BooktopiaFishpond and Amazon.