st Case


James Patterson

James Patterson’s 1st Case, featuring Angela Hoot who is a young IT genius who was asked to leave Massachusetts Institute of Technology after hacking into some computers within the MIT network.

Naturally Angela is despondent and is concerned she will no longer be employable.   Luckily, as is often the case with hackers, she is offered an internship with the FBI.   Soon finding herself thrown into her first case, a suburban family of five brutally murdered

Angela soon realises that her hacking skills are no longer to be used frivolously, people are relying on her to hack into to any piece of technology found at or near a crime scene and actually help solve crimes.  The question is; can Angela hack into and help solve crimes?

As usual Patterson’s books move along at a nice pace ad 1st Case was no exception.  Narrator, Brittany Pressley, did an excellent job of narrating 1st Case.


I have rated

1st Case

as a solid read.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

1st Case

an average of 4.00 stars

from 6,186 ratings

and 528 reviews.


1st Case

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I wish I could say this is a natural, however,

the sky has been darkened for effect.

The rest is natural.


Corio Bay…






Point Lonsdale Pier.



Dawn from our front door.

Calm as a mill pond on

Corio Bay


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