Recently I posted images of a new box come seat

I made to replace a planter box I made during

high school woodwork classes in 1965.


Now for the quiz 😉

Who, in our household, thinks my 1965 planter

is a treasure to be lovingly restored?

Who thinks it is just junk?


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Just-Junk




Ewe and lamb

Ostrich eye at the

Kempton Park Game Lodge



Werribee Open Range Zoo

(between Melbourne and Geelong)


Ring Necked Dove

Khiama Rhinoceros Sanctuary,











An African sunset



Moorabool Valley Landscape

near Geelong



I guess we have to thank…

…Ben Franklin…



…the above images.  🙂



Some more..

…natural light(ning)…


…in the wee hours of the morning.






*  bringing some good thing not foreseen as certain
*  receiving some unexpected good

This warthog was fortunate that we

were only shooting with

Nikon and Canon DSLRs


We think we are fortunate to have

a happy and healthy








On February 11, this year we

were invited to a family wedding.

In February rules had eased somewhat

and around seventy guests were in attendance…


…however, the reception was held at Basil’s Farm

and due to COVID restrictions most of the guests

had to remain outside.



Basil’s Farm is on the Bellarine Peninsula

on the shore of Swan Bay.



The wedding was held on Thursday, with the

happy couple heading to Brisbane on Friday.

I heard they made it with two hours to spare

before Brisbane was sent into lockdown.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Celebrating (COVID Style)