A few weeks ago SueW of Nan’s Farm asked if I was happy using the Blocks editing format


You are very welcome.

If I remember correctly you were an IT teacher for a while, so must mean you’re more computer literate than most people on here. just wondered Are you happy using blocks?


Hi Sue

First up a brief history of me and Computers.

Initially I was not a fan of computers.  However, after I overpaid a shearer $1,000.00 in 1991 we decided a computer may take some of the hassle out of pay time at shearing and forked out $2,500.00 for a Windows 3.1 computer with a whopping 80 megabyte hard drive.

Soon after I created an Access Database which I was able to update during shearing.    After Dad saw my output, I soon became his shearing paymaster also.


Our first web site was published in early October 1996.  The idea was to provide same day wool and livestock market reports.  During the four or five years we were up and running we had views from all over the world.  

To ‘learn’ HTML I drove 100 km each way for informal lessons with someone who did know his way around the internet.   That was the only training I had in HTML.  Only other HTML skills were all self taught.

In 2001 I completed the second of two education degrees which allowed me to teach adults and primary school age children. These qualifications allowed me to be employed by the education department where I was deemed fit to have half of my teaching load in the Information Technology room.

My last six years of employment saw me working in the Corrections Environment in a maximum security prison teaching inmates Certificates I & II in Information Technology.

To continue…

Now I must confess to being a founding member of the ‘if it ain’t broke it doesn’t need fixin’ club.

The old editor fits that category beautifully.  It was in the not broke category

Initially I felt the new editor reminded me of Windows 8.0.  A nightmare!  Not at all intuitive.

However, last week I was forced, to use the new editor (not blocks) and life wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 

To answer SueW’s,  Are you happy using blocks? question, the answer is a resounding ‘No’.

For example try finding the URL of one of your images.

The old editor took two clicks of the mouse.  

1.) click on image to enlarge it. 

 2) click on button which said ‘copy URL to clipboard’.

I have spent five to ten minute this morning trying to work out how to;

A) find an image URL  and

B) copy it……..all to no avail

At this point in time I would not be able to participate in any post requiring me to paste image/post URLs…..namely my Floral Friday and Birds Weekly posts.

Saturday May 29, UPDATE:  Over the past week I managed to stumble upon the image URL in the new editor.  A simple right click of the mouse reveals 6 options for each photo.  However, there is no indication, that I can see, that says Right click.  (Not that there ever was, I guess) Very, very much like Windows 8.

In other words easy when you know how.

Another problem solved was that of finding the HTML editor.  My greatest use for the code is that I find the old editor changes font size occasionally.   The only way I know how to fix that is via the text/code editor.



During the past 24 hours I opened my Birds Perched post in the wonderful new editor. 

Click the link Birds Perched or the image to see what is posted.

This wonderful, improved editor is not my cup of tea and I shudder to think how I will fare should it be my only option. 

I daresay that if pushed I will  have to find my way around the new editor and it will be okay. 

However I am not a fan at the moment!!


Deleting Spam

Yesterday (Sunday) I noted that there were 580 spam messages in my spam box. 

I said to myself; ‘…self, I said, you had better empty your spam box…In the old editor, it was a quick easy fix.  Select empty spam, wait a while and its done.

In the wonderful new version I had to select the spam folder first, then I clicked on the BULK EDIT button which brought up a rectangular checkbox and APPROVE and DELETE buttons. 

I selected the checkbox, then hit the DELETE button…and a whole 20 of my 580 spam messages disappeared.  This means that to empty my spam folder I had to repeat the above steps another 28 times.  

Between you and me that is not going to happen

Who in their right mind would design this?  Again there may be a way in which all messages may be deleted as in the old editor, however, as yet I ave not found it. 

Just like Windows 8








not permanent.


Transitory is probably a good adjective to describe

Black Cockatoos in Southern Victoria.

 Usually found further north,

we only tend to sight them

during long hot summers.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:..Transitory




The weather certainly has the better

of these weatherboards.

Boat hull

Log of wood

Water damaged log

A church or school?

Whatever it was the elements have wrecked it.

One of my favourite houses…

…looking sad just before it was razed.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Weathered





arrange or happen to come into the
presence or company of (someone)



An iconic place to meet

in Melbourne used to be…

‘…under the clocks at Flinders Street Station…’



Even the twenty-first century population

still appear to be waiting to meet

someone under the

Flinders Street Clocks.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Meet









try to find something by looking
or otherwise seeking carefully
and thoroughly.


A few years ago we began giving

the dogs an afternoon snack of cat food

spread as far and as wide as it can be thrown.

This keeps them occupied for an hour or more,

especially Taji (Labrador).

This year Smudge Cat has summoned up

the courage to join in the afternoon ritual.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:..Search