Saturday was designated

meet Charlotte day,

for Australian relatives.

That is, MGW’s sisters, husbands and father.

As you can see our guest  of honour was

not at all stressed by the event.

Even after she woke and

pass the Charlotte

became the game of the day,

she took it in her stride,

like her father did until everyone departed.

Then all hell would break loose

for an hour or so.

As yet we have not heard how

she was last night.







Dick  Francis


Refusal, was my first novel written by Dick Francis and the fifth book featuring Sid Halley.  Sid is a retired jumps jockey who conducted an investigation until he received one bashing more than his wife could stand.  Now he earns an income from his stocks and shares.

His quiet life turns a tad awry when a good friend, Sir Richard Stewart, approaches him with a list of horse races which Stewart maintains have been fixed.  Sid refuses to help.  The following morning Sir Richard is found dead.  Police call it a suicide, whilst those who knew Stewart think murder.  

Shortly after Stewart’s death, Halley receives a phone call Om a male with an Irish accent suggesting the Halley should indeed write a report clearing racing of any wrongdoings. 

From here the story moves up another gear, terrified jockeys, child abduction and arson are some of the incidents which make Refusal a page turner.

 I thoroughly enjoyed Refusal and would recommend to lovers of the ‘whodunit’ genre.

I have also been informed that all Dick Francis books revolve around the Britain’s racing industry.  Therefore I look forward to more novels authored by Francis.

Refusal, moves along at a fast pace and I believe would make a good read and is an excellent audiobook.


I rated


as a



At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded


an average of 3.94 stars

from 2,763 ratings

and 347 reviews.


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