A hard rough lump growing on the skin,
caused by infection with certain viruses
and occurring typically on thehands or feet.

Is a warthog warty?


Well, sort of, according to Google 

However, the “warts” that give warthogs their

name are actually protective bumps.






come into or be in contact with.




Way back in the late 60s when I was

completing my wool classers training

our trainer told us it would take

around three weeks of handling wool

to get our hands set

What he did not say was this would

happen every time we left a woolshed

for an extended period.

Many people think that all wool is soft

and to some extent this is correct.   

However, wool from these crossbreds is not as soft…


….as wool from these merinos.

And it does not matter the breed there are always fleeces that,

while looking the same, are much softer than the bulk of the clip.

 It is these fleeces which are branded SUP(er) AAA


The creamy colour of this wool indicates

a higher amount of lanolin present.

Lanolin is the hand/skin softening component

of raw wool…


…creates hands/skin which is very sensitive to touch.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Touch