to flood an area with water



These images were…

…taken after we had been inundated with rain.

Our idea of being ‘inundated’ would be welcomed

by New South Wales towns, some of which this week,

had received over 900 mm and were expecting

another 150-200mm yesterday.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:Inundate




I decided I would be a rebel this week

and post some autumnal images.

After all autumn colour is easier to find

than best of spring this time of year.

A few years ago I found some gingko trees

in autumn colour.


Our Golden Robinias

are never a dark green, however,

this morning they were displaying

golden autumn colours.






Easter egg

an artificial chocolate egg or decorated
hard-boiled egg given at Easter.


I am not a great fan of Easter Eggs…


…and it seems neither are supermarkets.

Mostly chocolate rabbits out numbering eggs

by about 10 to 1 it seemed.


If I had to buy an egg it would be this one.

I just love crunchie bars and hopefully

this egg would be as crunchie.

However, I suspect that the crunchie

will only be in the small eggs


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Easter-Egg