Daily Prompt-Laughter


A wet day, good company…

good food (and drink), a long lunch

and plenty of laughter.

We hardly noticed the rain

during our visit to Murano.







Black and White Challenge:



Tourists in Geelong

Walking in Murano’s rain.

Buglers at Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium.

More visitors at

Menin Gate’s,

Last Post Ceremony.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Candid





In a dry hot climate that we live in we see this red colour

quite often, particularly during summer.

However, on a canal in Venice it seemed out of place.

So much water…

One of the many tourist vessels on the Grand Canal.

Tourist Gondolas.

On a dry day in Murano I suspect

these boats may be more active.

A Yacht or a Boat?

Big enough for the latter…though

I suspect it may be the former.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Boats-and-Ships


Travel Theme-Rain




Travel Theme.


Our first wet, but not cold, day was in Venice.

Umbrellas were the order of the morning.

Finding a seat in a sidewalk coffee shop,

which barely kept us dry, was an ideal way to

spend an hour or so lovingly caressing a cup of coffee.

The long coffee break was so we did not have to walk

several hundred yards, in the rain, and back again

to board the ferry for our journey to, and lunch at, Murano.

 Even in steady rain colourful Murano

was well worth the visit.

A convivial afternoon was had by all.

Although ponchos and umbrellas were still clearly

 heading the fashion trend, Mother Nature eased up

a little as we walked back to our ferry and

a ride back to our hotel.


Where’s My Backpack: Rain




Floral Friday17-1703-Murano


Floral Friday Challenge.


Our first wet day of our trip

caught up with us in Venice…

where we were destined to take cruise…

across the Venetian Lagoon to Murano.

In Murano’s windows we found quite a variety of flowers…

adding colour to a wet dreary day.

This was by far my favourite.

I should also add that while I described the day

as wet and dreary,

I was referring to the weather.

We had a wonderful lunch among great company

at one of Murano’s restaurants.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday






Good Times


After encountering our first drop of rain in two weeks in Venice, murano-venice-italy_0350

 we found seats at a side-walk cafe and made two cups of coffee stretch over about two hours…


saved, from eviction (I think), only by another couple

also seeking the shelter before our cruise

across to Murano for a late lunch.


We all agreed that it was a very enjoyable way

to spend a wet, not cold, afternoon.

Any recognisable faces cloned out for privacy purposes. 


A Photo a Week Challenge: Good Times


Travel Theme-Cheerful




Travel Theme.


We seemed to see a lot of cheerful colours… colourful_0169

during our travels.


These Peruzzi Belts in Florence looked so good

I just had to make my first purchase.

Naturally my purchase was

a little more subdued…colour wise.

Also wider and longer 😦

But beautiful leather.



 And even on our first wet day our spirits were not

dampened on the cheery streets of Murano.


 In Amsterdam, cheerful personalities of the Illy staff

will not be forgotten for a long time.


Where’s My Backpack: Cheerful