This otter and its mates were

carrying on a treat just before being fed.

The egg ended all play.

Otters did not mind if it was free range,

close range or a long range egg.

I used to think free range should be better then I read

that to be sold as a free range egg chickens only

needs to have about one-and-a-half square metres

of space to call its own.


From about the end of April 2018 new rules

came into being in Australia.

Egg producers could have up to 10,000 hens per hectare.

Or to put it another way, ONE hen every square metre.

It appears Sunny Queen chickens ‘when outdoors’,

are stocked at 1500 birds per hectare

packed in like sardines when inside, perhaps.

 However, Manning Valley chickens are

stocked at 2500 birds per hectare.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Eggs



Outdoor settings for tourists…


and locals alike, in Arras, France.

Antique Tasmanian Blackwood

eight seat dining setting.

Restored value around $8,000

As is value $1,000.

Unfortunately no-one wanted it.


Picnic tables.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Tables-n-Chairs






The first tags that come to mind were dog tags,

and I don’t  mean a soldiers identification tags.

Not a good photo but a blue tag is visible

hanging below Taji’s collar.

In recent times tagging has gained

a whole new meaning via social media.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Tag