a feeling of reverential respect
mixed with fear or wonder.

Even if I had known that this was the third

Natural Wonder of the World

I was visiting/sighting, it would still

have been an awesome feeling flying over

Zimbabwe’s, Victoria Falls.

From the air it is much easier to view

previous sites of the Falls…



..as they eroded their way upstream to their present site.



Many of us were also in awe of this fisherman

who was successfully catching fish

using a very primitive method


However, even in my youth I doubt that I would…



…have been fishing alongside this bloke.

Just for the record previous natural wonders

have been a not so colourful display of

the Northern Lights in 1976, and

a few hours out  on the

Great Barrier Reef in 2011.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk224 – Awe

Wordless Wednesday20_1803-Corona

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are beginning to panic…

Supplies are running low(ish) and

are not readily available in supermarkets.

On Sunday MGW called out that she was

going to the supermarket as bread was

being shelved according a to a Facebook post.

She later told me that the post was 50 minutes old.

Still we lived in hope.

Upon arrival all had been taken and shelves were as above

and still empty when this photo was taken

on Monday afternoon.



Six PM news services advised us that

a special one hour shopping experience

was being set aside for Seniors and the disabled

on Tuesday morning.

I showed my Seniors card and angled my trolley

in front of several others however,

I was still about number 10 to hit Aisle 7

…meat and toilet paper….

…as I round the corner left hand ready to grab anything

that remotely appeared like toilet paper,

I noticed a low rumble in the air.

I ascertained that it was emanating from

those in front of me, who like me were

asking each other why they bothered getting

out of bed to look at empty shelves.


Not a sheet of toilet paper and barely a sniff of meat.

All was not lost.

I still had soap and coleslaw on my list.

I by passed 5 boxes of dove searching,

in vain, for our brand.

Upon my return only three boxes remained.

I did not have the heart to take all three or even two

of the the boxes of 4 bars.

I decided to share and only took one box.


Hope you enjoyed.