I have inserted a link to your photo Cee.

Hope you don’t mind




West Gate Bridge.



A Buick


Finally, I think I see two or three sheep

in Cee’s image, hence my

flock at rest.









My favourite spread is Vegemite.

To date I have yet to meet any other nationality

that genuinely appreciates Vegemite.



I will concede many Australians don’t like Vegemite. 

For example MGW only uses it sparingly,

whereas I like to see a good thickness of it

spread on my morning toast.






a young human being below the age of puberty
or below the legal age of majority.

A young person…

…appreciating the skills of

a Melbourne busker.



This young lady was brought out to entertain

a group of tourists in Brugge.

Five minutes after she commenced playing

there was no sign of her.

The guide and his small group

had also blended into the crowd.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Child





Limericks, usually bad ones,

about the extent of my writing ability

I’m afraid.

There were frustrated shoppers Down Under

Who couldn’t find bread and no wonder.

Hoarders had moved in

To fill up their bins

 And left everyone hungry Down Under