a feeling of reverential respect
mixed with fear or wonder.

Even if I had known that this was the third

Natural Wonder of the World

I was visiting/sighting, it would still

have been an awesome feeling flying over

Zimbabwe’s, Victoria Falls.

From the air it is much easier to view

previous sites of the Falls…



..as they eroded their way upstream to their present site.



Many of us were also in awe of this fisherman

who was successfully catching fish

using a very primitive method


However, even in my youth I doubt that I would…



…have been fishing alongside this bloke.

Just for the record previous natural wonders

have been a not so colourful display of

the Northern Lights in 1976, and

a few hours out  on the

Great Barrier Reef in 2011.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk224 – Awe

7 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk224-Awe

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  2. Heh… it’s always great to find a spot with lots of fish that no other fisherman is willing to work for!

    I count myself among the very fortunate, having been to the barrier reef twice. Both times for a couple days. It wasn’t the wonder in 2009 that it was in 1994, mind you. Startling how much 15 years of human abuse have diminished it.:(

    Also got the Northern lights a couple times. Once in Whistler, but essentially black and white. Once in Dawson City, Yukon. Not a spectacular show given the photographs I’ve seen, but spectacular to me none the less. Even that far north, late August is not the time.

    You’ve totally got me on Victoria Falls. In fact, my one week in Tangier, Morocco is a dim, dim candle compared to your enviable adventures in Africa.

    The Grand Canyon, however, is undiminished… perhaps undiminishable. I highly recommend the more remote/less touristed Northern Rim, but whether north or south, it is a place of utmost awe.


    • Must be candid I was a tad disappointed with the Reef myself. Nowhere near as much colour as in the promotional material. And very expensive if I remember correctly.

      I was in the Yukon or Saskatchewan when the Northern Lights were pointed out to me. Little, or no colour, and it would have been late August at best.

      I was hoping to have more African adventures/images to post in a few months. Not to be now. Postponed until next year, but with one couple cancelling and another wanting to if the travel insurance comes to the party…2021 is looking a bit grim also.

      i would love to see the Grand Canyon, however, it is not on any long term planning. So it may join a long list of other place that I would like to visit.


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