Geelong’s Eastern Beach.

A walk up the hill and you are only a five to ten

minute walk from Geelong’s CBD.


The Promenade surrounds a safe swimming area.

Ideal for  everyone.

Eastern Beach


Slightly different view of Eastern Beach

with the Ferris Wheel and Geelong Marina

in the background.




My-Corner-of-the-World:  #18







Melbourne trams…

…run on light rail

Suburban Railway Station in an

older part of Melbourne.



Country rail taking goods to…

…regional areas of Victoria.


FriendlyFriday:   Rails

Amanda                       Sandi




strike or propel forcibly with the foot.

Although here appearance is

gangly and unstable…

…apparently giraffes pack a powerful kick

in all four legs.

Australian Rules Football revolves around

players kicking the ball.

Unlike the round ball game (Soccer) players

are also allowed to handle the ball.