the tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object,
pattern or meaning known to the observer,
such as seeing shapes in clouds,
seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns,
or hearing hidden messages in music.


My imagination may be

a bit weird, but...

…I can see profiles and at least one face in these flames

which are burning oil refinery waste.

More than once I have referred to

the sad eyes in this image.

Not certain if either are examples of pareidolia.



One Word Sunday Challenge:   Pareidolia



The Simple Wild


K. A. Tucker


The Simple Wild, by K. A. Tucker is a story of reconciliation between father and daughter in the small fictional town of Bangor in Western Alaska.   Calla hasn’t seen her father (Wren) since she was two.  Twenty-four years after her mother left Alaska, Calla receives a message from a total stranger telling her that her father (Wren) is very ill.  That in a nutshell is the beginning of The Simple Wild, a Western Alaska romance.

Upon arriving in Alaska, Calla finds that her Toronto finest is not suitable for the wet muddy conditions Alaska presents.  Calla’s initial meeting with her pilot (Jonah -AKA, The Yeti) is strained, to say the least, and it takes a while before she sees, and understands, Jonah’s true personality.  A similar first encounter with her father ensues.  It is only after this very tentative beginning to Alaskan life that Calla grows to love her father, his friends and in particular the Yeti.

I enjoyed the humour sprinkled throughout The Simple Wild and constantly found myself chuckling at the repartee between Calla and Jonah.

I rated

The Simple Wild

as an enjoyable

five star read.

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers have rated

The Simple Wild

an average of 4.44 stars

from 19,662 ratings

and 3,502 reviews.


The Simple Wild

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon





Fields of yellow dot our area in spring.


Dahlias in flower in Summer/Autumn

In the depths of winter the first signs of spring are in bloom.

Cootamundra and Golden Wattle (Acacia) trees

almost grow wild and brighten the winter landscape.


In late August and September…

more yellow to herald in Spring.


FriendlyFriday:   Yellow

Amanda                       Sandi