Lights around

Het Zand Square…

…in Brugges.


Het Zand Square Fountain…


Brugge, Belgium.

Arras Bell Tower, France.



Arras, Bell Tower

Place des Héros, and Arras Bell Tower

at approximately 10 PM.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Light-the-Night





Tropical (?) fish in an indoor pool.

Southern Right Whale at

Logan’s Beach Whale Nursery,

Warrnambool, Victoria,


A creature from the depths of the ocean?

Not Quite!


I think a squid caught off

St Leonard’s Pier,

Victoria’s Surf Coast.


FriendlyFriday:   Sea Creatures

Amanda                       Sandi





having or showing behaviour that is respectful
and considerate of other people.



Maggie tightly closes her eyes…

…she is too polite to refuse…


…Moppett’s offer  of a spring clean.

Nearly done.

Wasn’t so bad, was it?


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Polite