Weekly Photo Challenge-Broken


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some broken re-posts to begin with…

fog-house_0027A house that has certainly seen better times.

machinery_0027Similar applies to this hay baler and buggy.

rake_5915aIn its heyday this rake was the most modern piece of machinery for lining up freshly cut.



Again, progress.

Galvanised iron tanks,

rusted and beyond repair

are replaced with plastic tanks.

wheels_0004If these buggy wheels were not made of

steel there would be none of it left.

If it is called a cart, or trap,

my apologies.

I never did work out which was which

or how they differed.

fence_0034Finally, this fence is not what a livestock farmer

wants to see.

I think it may have been erected on the slope…

a sign of the times.

Plenty of manual labour and

everyone happy to put in a hard days work

digging post holes.

Its replacement pine posts would

have been hit into the ground and

one’s biggest worry is to make sure

one’s fingers  are not on top of the post

when the 500 kg weight hits the post top.




Floral Friday-2205


Floral Friday Challenge.


A few years ago we legally purchased

a Grass Tree from a local nursery.

grass_treeIt had a taller trunk than this one and was

watered according to instructions.

We had one summer on magnificence,

then signs of browning became evident and,

sadly, it died a slow death in our

newly constructed show piece garden bed.

I have heard of them growing in the wild

but until a week or so ago had never been

fortunate enough to have sighted them in the wild.

When I think of all the attention ours received,

I believe any watering instructions should be

halved or ignored altogether.

The botanical name for a Grass Tree is


I just had to take a photo of this one

with late afternoon sun lighting up its foliage.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday