Travel Theme-Hats




Travel Theme.


I discovered hats on Geelong’s bollards this week
bollards_0016A bowler hat?

bollards_0003A bonnet.
bollards_0017Our life savers complete with reel and caps

bollards_0033A couple appear to have been in a brawl.

bollards_0041If you don’t like swimming…there is always the band…

bollards_4496and a beach would not be complete with out some bathing beauties.

Although they have not heard the message about wearing hats.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Hats



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-15Wk-20


This week’s

Odd Ball



Last Thursday we laid to rest the 19-year-old only son,

friend, nephew and cousin,

of our extended family.

rainbow_0043The service commenced with two

of his fellow students performing

Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

This was the sight which greeted me as I drove home.

It was a tough day for all

and especially for the large portion of the

500 or so in attendance

wearing school uniforms or

in their late teens, early twenties.