Random rows this week.

Supermarket trolleys

Bollards in Melbourne to provide resistance

to wayward water vessel I think.

over the next few months we will see acres and acres

of cut hay raked into windrows waiting to cure and bale.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Rows

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-04_0123


Odd Ball

Week 04, 2017


While searching my photos for another post,

I came across this bollard cyclist…bollard_0005

setting the exercise example for all.

Bollards, similar to this are scattered all around Corio Bay.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-4







Travel Theme-Tangle




Travel Theme.


Various tangles…
vines_0001a tangle of vines, followed by…

nest_0004a tangle of branches in an old dead tree, followed by…

nest_0003a smaller tangle of branches forming an eagle’s nest.

mushroom_0198Finally, a few weeks ago, I discovered some

mushrooms pushing their way through

a tangle of nature strip (sidewalk) grass


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Tangle




Travel Theme-Hats




Travel Theme.


I discovered hats on Geelong’s bollards this week
bollards_0016A bowler hat?

bollards_0003A bonnet.
bollards_0017Our life savers complete with reel and caps

bollards_0033A couple appear to have been in a brawl.

bollards_0041If you don’t like swimming…there is always the band…

bollards_4496and a beach would not be complete with out some bathing beauties.

Although they have not heard the message about wearing hats.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Hats



A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Face

Word of the Week Photo Challenge again appeared a challenge until I opened my eyes a little and looked around. Even when my eyes were ‘open’ there were times when I did not recognise a ‘face’.

My first contribution was taken when taking photographs for the Weekly Photo Challenge. 6_1531SOX It is difficult to tell if that is a contented expression or a tough “come and try to take your bed back” message for his canine opponents.

My second photo is of a face which quietly follows my every move each and every time I enter our bedroom. Known as Honey Bear, I think that if we are reincarnated, I want to come back as Honey Bear.



Finally, to fill in time, before an appointment, this morning I decided to play with my camera along Geelong’s foreshore. In among Geelong’s foreshore palms was a single bollard.

DSC_1497B3A good idea to take a photograph.

Test the lens. Play with the settings.

Upload to computer. Cropping. Colouring.

Whoa! What do I see? Another face looking back at me!

And this time it was not mine.


Although very late in the week I have to repost this image of Sita.

Sita was our “Tiger Walk” tiger at Dreamworld.