Mothers Day-2015

 Mother’s Day, Down Under, 2015

Today, May 10, is Mothers Day…and a cold wet day it is.

Another 48 points of rain fell over night.

We were destined for a family lunch today,

however, with offspring working odd hours or

attending church services that ran well beyond

our normal lunch hour,

our luncheon gathering has been turned into a dinner date.

This year’s outing will  be different to

past Mother’s Day outings as it will be the first time a

PDIL has been on the scene.


Potential Daughter In Law…

commonly known as a girlfriend.


We are looking forward to a pleasant Mother’s Day outing

with our ‘free fooders.


Image via/courtesy of  Number One son’s Facebook page, 2014.

Which leaves me wondering if I need a credit card tonight

when they take their Mother out for Mother’s Day.


Time will tell!

I wish all other Mums around the world

a Happy Mother’s Day,

this year, also.


Travel Theme-Subtle




Travel Theme.


I have resorted to nature again for the subtle challenge this week.

agapanthus_queen-mum_2670aChanges in colour in the Queen Mum agapanthus…

agapanthus_queen-mum_2671aare so soft.

agapanthus_silver-cloud_0065aThe Silver Cloud agapanthus is even more…


subtle in its colour changes.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Subtle




Cee’s Black and White Challenge:

Abandoned or Alone.


I have cheated a bit with the first photo….

machinery_0027it was one of my Black and White

photos last Tuesday…

old abandoned machinery

windmill_0019One windmill, alone, can provide water for many hundreds of sheep.

The passing of time has seen the original tanks abandoned

in favour of a newer, bigger, plastic tank.

tree_0021A lone sheep near the lone tree in a paddock.

pelican_6174I think my favourite of this series.

I’m a sucker for a pelican.


Cee’s Black & White: Abandoned-Alone