Mothers Day-2015

 Mother’s Day, Down Under, 2015

Today, May 10, is Mothers Day…and a cold wet day it is.

Another 48 points of rain fell over night.

We were destined for a family lunch today,

however, with offspring working odd hours or

attending church services that ran well beyond

our normal lunch hour,

our luncheon gathering has been turned into a dinner date.

This year’s outing will  be different to

past Mother’s Day outings as it will be the first time a

PDIL has been on the scene.


Potential Daughter In Law…

commonly known as a girlfriend.


We are looking forward to a pleasant Mother’s Day outing

with our ‘free fooders.


Image via/courtesy of  Number One son’s Facebook page, 2014.

Which leaves me wondering if I need a credit card tonight

when they take their Mother out for Mother’s Day.


Time will tell!

I wish all other Mums around the world

a Happy Mother’s Day,

this year, also.


Mothers Day-2014

 Mother’s Day, Down Under, 2014

Today, May 11, is Mothers Day…Down Under!  Last year it was breakfast with the offspring on the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day.

This year no such luck.  It was deemed, by Number One, that it was Number Two’s turn to ‘shout’ breakfast.  As our youngest works on Saturdays breakfast didn’t happen this year.  Of course our eldest, who I sometimes think has spiders in his pockets missed out on the ideal opportunity to win brownie points with Mother, and more importantly…a cheap breakfast shout!

So being at the proverbial ‘loose end’ someone suggested that MGW and I go out for lunch on Mother’s Day.  After some negotiation regarding venue and time, a 1.30 PM lunch was approved by MGW and yours truly.  Then a voice said, ‘the kids could probably come after church if lunch is that time!’  And so it was.  All of us together again.  A relatively rare occasion and an enjoyable afternoon.  So interesting to watch our offspring’s attitudes change and mature.

Now back to ‘shouting’.  As I said Number Two could not shout breakfast on Saturday, due to work commitments, so MGW and I (plus 2) booked a table at a nearby eatery for Sunday lunch.  Some things just don’t change…  Ah well!  Thank goodness for credit cards.  Definitely worth it.


Image via/courtesy of  Number One son’s Facebook page.

All in all we had a very pleasant Mother’s Day.

I hope all other Mums around the world had a Happy Mother’s Day, this year, also.


Fathers Day-Down Under

Although I will schedule this for Sunday, September 1st, Father’s Day (in Australia), it is still late Saturday night at the time of writing.

Number One son was home for the weekend and late last night I was invited to a Saturday morning Father’s Day breakfast by Number One son.

The chosen venue was a recently opened eatery just out of Geelong, which I had visited on several occasions but never for more than coffee.



Breakfast was a magnificent array of eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato and a hash brown.

It was certainly a very nice way to begin Father’s Day weekend.  Needless to say after a breakfast like this not much else was wanted for the rest of the day.

So a very big thank you to Number One son, and a happy Father’s Day to all other Dads wherever you are.


Update: Sunday night, 2030

Just arrived home from a twilight football match to find that Number Two son, who I had not seen this morning, had left me a card stating that I am his hero and that he loves me to bits.

You just have to love them and be proud of these two young men.


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Breakfast with Lions ~ 2

Breakfast with Lions ~ 2

Breakfast with the lions at Shambala Animal Kingdom took place at an open air, except for a roof, venue surrounded by the largest pride of lions in Australasia.


A splendid breakfast of various juices, bacon, eggs, coffee and tea the odours of which had only a few metres to drift to the nostrils of some grumpy and unfed lions.


To reach the breakfast area we had to walk along a short, narrow laneway between four hungry lions on our right, and their counterparts on our left.   We thought they were all females.  More later.


While most of the boys waited with some degree of patience…….



Lion Hungry_4445




Hungry Lion

The alpha male was decidedly displeased at the wait for his morning morsels.


While enjoying breakfast we were within close proximity to the inhabitants of both sides

and taking these photos was not a difficult task.





I cannot remember if there was any food placed in these red balls or if they were just toys.  Either way the lions enjoyed playing with them until staff produced a bucket of red meat.  Breakfast!














We noticed some of the “lionesses” looked to be quite a bit bigger than their counterparts.  Upon commenting about our observation we were told that these females were actually boys with the ‘male’ part removed.  I did not know that a male lion needs to be ‘entire’ to grow a mane until then.  Although, having been around sheep all my life I have seen the difference between wethers and rams – both males but the latter can be used for breeding.


Just as the these fellas can.






Breakfast or no breakfast this bloke had a burr under his saddle.

He did not appreciate company at all.

Either that or he wanted to let everyone know who was boss.