Floral Friday-2205


Floral Friday Challenge.


A few years ago we legally purchased

a Grass Tree from a local nursery.

grass_treeIt had a taller trunk than this one and was

watered according to instructions.

We had one summer on magnificence,

then signs of browning became evident and,

sadly, it died a slow death in our

newly constructed show piece garden bed.

I have heard of them growing in the wild

but until a week or so ago had never been

fortunate enough to have sighted them in the wild.

When I think of all the attention ours received,

I believe any watering instructions should be

halved or ignored altogether.

The botanical name for a Grass Tree is


I just had to take a photo of this one

with late afternoon sun lighting up its foliage.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday


8 thoughts on “Floral Friday-2205

    • We had ours above ground but it still managed to die. Part of me wonders if it was partly due to our tree came form Queensland. Grass Trees are protected in Victoria. Which is good as they make for wonderful roadside viewing.


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