Book Review-The-Maya-Codex


The Maya Codex


Adrian d’Hagé


First and foremost I need to state that I was listening to the audio version of this book, in my car during holiday time, a few weeks ago.  I find holidays not a good to for concentrating or listening as it is more important to concentrate on drivers who feel it is imperative to speed past in order to gain a twenty metre advantage on the road.  In other words my opinion may be skewed slightly.


The first chapters of The Maya Codex (Curtis O’Connor #2) by Adrian d’Hagé are set during World War II in a Nazi concentration camp in Europe.  The story, in my opinion, had potential to be interesting as it followed the fate of one family and how some of children managed to escape.  However, that is where the interesting part ended.  From there on there seemed to be different scenarios each time I tried to listen to the story. 

 I do know that over twenty plus years passed by between chapters, and the child who did escape was now looking for his tormentor, I think.  The Vatican Bank was involved; the South American jungle got a look in, as well as numerous other locations.

By track 35 of 65 I was contemplating throwing in the towel, something I detest doing when reading.  However, by track 45 of 65, I had had enough.

I think I have tried to read, or listen to offerings from this author in the past with little success.  I will probably avoid books by this author in future.  This appears to be a love it or hate book as other Goodreads reviewers have rated it between one and five stars. 

I have mentioned this in the past but will re-iterate here.  The narrator of an audio book either makes or breaks in my opinion and in this case did nothing to help enjoyment of what was is probably a good read.

Only a


star read.  

Goodreads readers have rated The Maya Codex

an average of 3.51 from 83 ratings and 14 reviews



The Maya Codex

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Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-05

Amsterdam-2, Netherlands

Our first tourist stop was…


at Gasson’s diamond polishers.


A modest 0.5 carat diamond would have set us back

3,026Euros or $AUD4,289


Something in the 2.02 carat size…

42,000 Euros or $AUD 59,530 or $US 44,933


These were fake diamonds for visitors to handle

and to demonstrate how they were cut and polished.


 This, however, was the real deal…


as I suspect this was.

Apologies for the photos, no flash and ‘things’ popping

into the line of sight upset focus at times.

More of Amsterdam next week.



Jo’s Monday Walk


Travel Theme-Game




Travel Theme.


WE had two major sporting events in Victoria yesterday.

The first was the

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

was held in very pleasant conditions for all.

Followed last night by the

Australian Open Men’s Tennis Final.

This week’s photos are from the former event.

cadell_evans-geat-oceanroad-classic_0175While cycling may be considered a sport and not a game,

there is much gamesmanship within each race.

These four cyclists made a break in the early stages

and were still well in front as they approached Geelong…


at least three to four minutes in front of the peloton.


During the four laps of Geelong

the field spread due to some torturous hill climbs

selected especially for the race.


Where the leaders finished is unknown. 


Or…there is this game…


between two savage canines intent on winning

whatever it is they are playing.


This shot gives an indication of how our

Miss Saigon may have smashed.

(See my Repurpose post)

Full speed and not looking where they

were going…and not caring either.


Where’s My Backpack: Game



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-05_0129


Odd Ball

Week 05, 2017


Over the past few months MGW has often commented

how the dogs help her weed the garden…or

anywhere that may have grass growing.

taji_4362This morning, Saturday, was no exception.

Taji found some of our lawn had grown up between

the concrete edging and gave it a good chewing.


While Candi opted for easier fare and chose that which

had already been pulled out.

After having a look at this area it is about time

the whipper snipper was given a run

to trim the edges again.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-05









Ice, Ice, Baby


In 2006, our first winter here, I noticed some

water overflowing the verandah gutters.

This should not have happened as we had

set up a system whereby all rain/roof waters

are collected into tanks.


The second and last time it happened, I quickly grabbed a ladder

to see what the problem was, and this is what I found.


A horizontal icicle.

Is there such a thing?


A Photo a Week Challenge: Ice, Ice, Baby


Weekly Photo Challenge-Repurpose



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Mid to late 2015 we completed a project

out the front of our house.


Our Miss Saigons were something which we were happy to

have as they complemented the Japanese garden bed

just to right of shot.


Little did we know that our two young dogs

were using this area as a speedway.


We think they would charge around the garage, at full speed,

not really looking where they were going,

through the gap shaded in blue.

What ever the case, one day we found one of our Miss Saigons

on its side, head separated and adjacent pots

cracked beyond repair.

The Leucadendron or Protea (surrounded by tiles)

was only planted late last year.


Replacing the pots was easy.

However, Miss Saigon is no longer on sale.

So this is this morning’s view.


No Miss Saigon and the old pots being used as a

barricade against the rampaging charges

of a Kelpie and Labrador.


It did not take them long to find a new path.

Instead of straight ahead as they round the garage…


I’m sure they have fashioned a new tunnel between these two plants.





Burial Mishap

Last Friday, January 20, we had the unfortunate task of burying my mother-in-law after a sudden and unexpected death on January 9.

As is the practise with MGW’s family, and I think it a great idea, there was a private burial at one of Geelong’s older cemeteries followed by a memorial service and afternoon tea at the church my in-laws attend.

Like many city cemeteries, it is close to capacity and burial-mishap_4288the trustees are commencing to reclaim graves.  So some poor soul was dug up and told to move on, to make room for Mother-in Law, who was buried alongside two old graves, concrete lids, headstones etc.

 Personally I am not in favour of the practise (of reclaiming graves) but it seems to becoming more popular as cemeteries near capacity in our larger cities.

MGW, her sisters and father had arranged with the undertaker to remove the sheaf of flowers, which was on the casket, and take it back to the church for the memorial service.  As time came to lower the casket the undertaker appeared from the opposite side and retrieved said flowers.  As he returned to his previous spot, a cracking noise was heard.  Undertaker appears to be a bit tipsy and looks like he is over balancing.  Another crack and undertaker begins a sudden descent and does over balance, landing heavily.

However, he does save the flowers, burial-mishap_4290but not his trousers.  They suffered a severe gash.

Moral of this story. 

Don’t walk on concrete graves constructed in the 1940s.  burial-mishap_4291
At least that is what I assume he did.  My line of sight was blocked by minister and casket.


burial-mishap_4290aHe told us later at the memorial service that news of his mishap had reached the office before he did. 

Nice to have workmates who are so caring!

So, what became of those flowers?  The family decided that they should be returned to Mother-in-Law’s grave.

Guess who won the job?

I can tell you I was on my tippy toes trying to keep as much weight off the soil next to Mother-in-Law, as possible.

 I should also add that these photos were taken three days later.  Hence flowers looking a bit sad and the broken lid securely contained within its walls.


Floral Friday17-0127_Schönbrunn Palace-2


Floral Friday Challenge.


Some more images taken…vienna_schonbrunn-palace_0034 in the gardens of…


Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.


A ll these are on a side garden before….

vienna_schonbrunn-palace_0030 reaching the back yard, so to speak.


All I can say is what a gorgeous archway walk.

vienna_schonbrunn-palace_0037And last but not least one of the flowers

growing over the archway.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Good-Bad


My contribution for this week’s

Good and Bad


Upon arriving in Rome the first thing we

did was go on a walking tour.


down bustling CROWDED streets.


For some reason I had a totally different concept of

the Trevi Fountain, and it took some time

before the Wow! hit me :-).


A fascinating piece of work, and…


a place to spend lots of time.


If only all those tourists…

trevi_fountain_0199awould go to the Colosseum.

Anywhere to leave some room for us. 🙂