Jo’s Monday Walk17-01

Brugge, Belgium


  Some images taken after we had walked along

Zuidzandstraat into Brugge’s… 


Market Square


All this gold and art work was above…


an archway leading out….  

brugges-door_0146of the main square…


to our first view of canals.


Canals were not expected until we reached Venice…


so quite a surprise to see them in Brugge.


Crossing over the canal we came upon the market…


and its many vendors.  

And we still have more to come.  

I just loved Brugge.



Jo’s Monday Walk


Book Review-The-Tournament

The Tournament


Matthew Reilly

It’s not often that I struggle to find a positive in a Matthew Reilly book. However, this is the exception.  It was written by Matthew Reilly, and the plot/setting was at an international chess tournament and there endth the good stuff.

The main characters are a young and Princess (Queen) Elizabeth 1 and her extremely virile maid.  The Tournament is a chess tournament set in the Ottoman Empire where Princess Elizabeth is representing England.  It as been a few year since I read The Tournament and I do seem to remember that there was a murder and a character whose job it was to solve the murder and coach the English participant in the tournament.

If made into a movie, a kept faithful to the book it would be a very R/X Rated movie as most of the maid’s sexual exploits are described in graphic detail and from memory she then similarly describes these interludes to the young Princess.

One star for the story, one for the author and one for a game of chess.


read at best.

Three stars simply because I love all other Matthew Reilly books

and this is the only one not in the 4+ category.

Image result for the tournament book

The Tournament can be purchased on-line at Amazon‎Booktopia, and Fishpond