Travel Theme-Game




Travel Theme.


WE had two major sporting events in Victoria yesterday.

The first was the

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

was held in very pleasant conditions for all.

Followed last night by the

Australian Open Men’s Tennis Final.

This week’s photos are from the former event.

cadell_evans-geat-oceanroad-classic_0175While cycling may be considered a sport and not a game,

there is much gamesmanship within each race.

These four cyclists made a break in the early stages

and were still well in front as they approached Geelong…


at least three to four minutes in front of the peloton.


During the four laps of Geelong

the field spread due to some torturous hill climbs

selected especially for the race.


Where the leaders finished is unknown. 


Or…there is this game…


between two savage canines intent on winning

whatever it is they are playing.


This shot gives an indication of how our

Miss Saigon may have smashed.

(See my Repurpose post)

Full speed and not looking where they

were going…and not caring either.


Where’s My Backpack: Game



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