The morning this was taken my hands went numb

and the temperature in the car was

-3 degrees Celsius.

Not that cold in many parts of the world,

however, after waiting on an

exposed platform for fog to clear and sun to rise,

I was barely able to hold my camera.


I have posted this a few times.

The very foreground is the outside edge of our

spouting/guttering which had what I call

a horizontal icicle, stalagmite, stalactite frozen

in mid-air and beginning to melt over

the edge of the gutter.

This was our first winter after moving from the farm.

Never seen it before or since.


Pic and Word Challenge: Frozen



Week 104


Another hard challenge this week.

An ice rink in Melbourne.

 The first and only time I have seen it was in July 2015.


This is the sort of ice I usually see.

No more than a heavy frost.


During our second winter here I found this

horizontal icicle stretching from the roof

across to the outside edge of the spouting/gutter.


Pic and Word Challenge: Ice


Frosts, rain…

and ice this week.

 A horizontal icicle in our gutters.


2013 was the last time…


we had a heavy frost…


Part of the Antarctica ice pack as we flew to Africa in 2014

 Rain tumbling down.

I guess it wouldn’t tumble up!


Weekly Weather: Rain-Ice

Weekly Weather



Ice, Ice, Baby


In 2006, our first winter here, I noticed some

water overflowing the verandah gutters.

This should not have happened as we had

set up a system whereby all rain/roof waters

are collected into tanks.


The second and last time it happened, I quickly grabbed a ladder

to see what the problem was, and this is what I found.


A horizontal icicle.

Is there such a thing?


A Photo a Week Challenge: Ice, Ice, Baby