a relationship in which a person or thing is linked
or associated with something else.

The blue hour of photography…

…herald’s another sunrise and the beginning

of a brand new day.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk222 – Connections






a large number of people or objects crowded together.
a mass of cyclists”

A mass of riders forms the peloton in…

…as the Cadell Evans,

Great Ocean Road Classic

nears Geelong and the final stages

of the race.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk221 – Mass



I don’t have many…

…of the action shots required by this theme.


However, I think the speed at which these cyclists passed by…

…is conveyed by the blurred background.

Sydney’s King’s Cross Station is where

the last two images were taken.



I must have used a flash and I am not certain if

that is a reflection of the Sydney Harbour Bridge,

or a reflection of a poster behind me somewhere.

I don’t know Sydney well enough but something tells me

that The Bridge was not in the background  of

any other King’s Cross photos so it must be a poster.

Still it looks effective…I think.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Motion

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Cycles


Bicycles and Motorcycles

We first noticed the high usage of bicycles in Brugge.    

While in Amsterdam the bicycle flat

provides free parking for 2,500 bicycles.


The Cadel Evans January Road Race in Geelong’s suburbs.

The Peloton.

Motorcycles and shouldered television cameras

beaming the action to the world.

Riders look relaxed but are travelling

at a phenomenal speed.









Some consider cricket a dull game…however,

a closer look  can find plenty of action

even in a dull game.

The bowler airborne in his delivery stride.

Not sure if this is a bowler midway

through his follow through,

or if the player is airborne trying to catch a ball.


I can hear the red cap in the background

yelling “Catchit!!!”

However, no sign of the ball.

Has the batsman played and missed?

Or did he get an edge to it?

The way the wicket keeper and first slip

are positioned there may have been an edge.

Catch the ball…batsman out!

There does not appear to be much action in this photo

until you notice the speed blur.

The wind this group of cyclists produced

nearly blew me off-balance.


Across the face and a sharp turn.




This really look likes fun.

You don’t even need water…until

the downward journey begins.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti: Action

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya: Action

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy: Action

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina: Action


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-C


My contribution for

this week’s challenge

Beginning with Letter-C


Words beginning with C…  

Coral on The Great Barrier Reef, off Cairns.

A cable car ride down to Cairns

The peloton of cyclists in the 2017 annual

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race


Travel Theme-Sports




 Travel Theme.


Three sports…

I have never tried kite surfing…

but it appears to be…

 a lot of fun and a bit dangerous judging by the helmet.

Nor have I ever been on a surf board…

 But I would just love to be competent enough to

manoeuvre as in the first two images.

However, I think this would be more my style.


Some shots of the inaugural

Cadell Evans Road Race.

After several hours of country road racing…

riders have three of four laps of Geelong suburbs

before a finish on the foreshore.

Finally, one shot of the Melbourne Cricket Ground

on the first Monday in June.

Collingwood versus Melbourne.

Also the scene of the

1956 Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.


Where’s My Backpack: Sports



Travel Theme-Game




Travel Theme.


WE had two major sporting events in Victoria yesterday.

The first was the

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

was held in very pleasant conditions for all.

Followed last night by the

Australian Open Men’s Tennis Final.

This week’s photos are from the former event.

cadell_evans-geat-oceanroad-classic_0175While cycling may be considered a sport and not a game,

there is much gamesmanship within each race.

These four cyclists made a break in the early stages

and were still well in front as they approached Geelong…


at least three to four minutes in front of the peloton.


During the four laps of Geelong

the field spread due to some torturous hill climbs

selected especially for the race.


Where the leaders finished is unknown. 


Or…there is this game…


between two savage canines intent on winning

whatever it is they are playing.


This shot gives an indication of how our

Miss Saigon may have smashed.

(See my Repurpose post)

Full speed and not looking where they

were going…and not caring either.


Where’s My Backpack: Game