take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow.



Impala in Kruger National Park


Wart Hog at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Wateering Hole

Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa



Elephant Sands

Watering Hole



Thirst quenched at

Elephant Sands




One Word Sunday Challenge:...Drink










an oval or round object laid by a female bird,
reptile, fish, or invertebrate…



Fried or scrambled 

eggs make a delicious meal…



…and chocolate eggs are an

Easter Sunday favourite

with many.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Egg










having been discovered by chance
or unexpectedly.



Recently I found our only piece of garden art

had been so overgrown,

that it was barely visible.



This is how it looked in its early days

of life in our garden.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Lost










unable to find one’s way;
not knowing one’s or
something’s whereabouts



Some years ago now, we purchased and installed

into our garden our new piece of garden art,


…in between a newish shrub and

a  then, smallish flax plant

Time has passed and our once prominent

piece of artwork has almost become

a lost piece of art…

…mostly due to its neighbour

the New Zealand Flax. 

The timing of this post could not have been better

as it was only this past week that I noticed

how overgrown our garden art had become.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Lost










a straight line joining two opposite corners of a square,
rectangle, or other straight-sided shape.





I’m not certain but I think this geometrical design

was one of the reasons why 

Victoria’s National Gallery of Australian Art… 


…divided the public into two camps,  

Team, we love it, and

team, we hate it.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Diagonal










relating to or used in poetry



We have often stated the Candi (our Kelpie)

is like poetry in motion when running.

Labrador Taji, on the other hand,

is a real Galumpher.


For readers who have never heard of

Galumpher (or Galumphing)

by Australian author Margaret Clarke,

please check out this link.

Galumpher is a wonderful children’s book

that engages all emerging

and young readers.

has an  ‘as new’ copy advertised


Galumpher’s Colouring book


the Children’s book to which

I am referring above


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Poetic









of great or more than average height,
especially (with reference to an object)
relative to width


At 2,716 feet high, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa,

in my opinion, rates as tall.



Using my 18-253 mm focal length Sigma lens

at 250 mm focal length



At 52 mm focal length about

the same as the human eye.



The scene at

18 mm focal length.

The last three images were taken from

the observation deck on the 148 floor

of the Burj Khalifa.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Tall










Black Cockatoos


At least half a dozen lions taking

an afternoon siesta,


Kruger National park.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Even










Elephant Front Foot. 

Unusual fact;

Two and a half times the circumference of this foot

equals the height of the elephant’s shoulder above ground.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Odd