As with many places we visited during our European holiday,

we stopped briefly in Monaco to peep into

Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral where Princess Grace is buried.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Peep










Melbourne’s Skyline and the Yarra River

at twilight…


…after darkness…


…has a firm grip on the city.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Dark










A split rock at Lekhubu Island,



Layer upon layer of limestone rock supports


Great Ocean Road.


By the time I read of these rock stacks along

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

I’m sure many of the tourists who had created

them had returned and knocked down

their creation.


Balancing rocks in South Africa’s,

Kruger or Greater Kruger National Park.


Decorative rocks at the edge of

Warrnambool’s tourist lake,

Lake Pertobe.


Closer to home…in fact nearly at our back door…

well, about 10 km away…

…is Dog Rocks.


If I have asked why it’s called Dog Rocks,

I have not received a satisfactory answer. 


Dog Rocks is very popular with photography enthusiasts,

for both day and night photography

as it is far enough away from city lights

that no ambient light can intefer.


My final rock is/was Ayres Rock.

It is now known as Uluru.

Climbing Ayres Rock was almost mandatory in 1975. 

Over my left shoulder is another formation

known as The Olgas. 

Both are well worth visiting.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Rock












In a few weeks, many paddocks will look like this

as canola crops bloom.


Much of the hay rolls are produce during late spring

and sometimes left out over summer. 

Although I always liked to have mine carted in

as soon as they were baled.


Real beach weather is summertime in Victoria


The reds…


…and golds of Autumn…


…precede what can be a cold wet Winter.


We ventured out with the boys,

partners and one granddaughter,

in the depths of winter, to

experience Winter Wonderland…


…in mid-July this year.


The first signs of Spring come during winter.

Eerlicheer jonquils…



…followed by, in front and back yards

and along roadside verges,

wattle trees…


…in full bloom in August.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Seasonal









the expression or application of human creative skill
and imagination, typically in a visual form such as
painting or sculpture, producing works to
be appreciated primarily for their beauty
or emotional power.

I think I like street art because

it is on a grand scale.


What was I saying about a grand scale? 

Unfortunately, the Geelong Cement Works

met its maker in April 2020,

along with its art.


The outside of a toilet block in Geelong


Some of Geelong’s…


…Laneway Art.

A small country town (Corindhap) about halfway

to Ballarat, turned an aging pine tree

Avenue of Honour into

an Avenue of Honour of Statues.

And I have been told on several occasions…


…that there is no skill in photography.

I beg to differ! 

However, I believe art is

in the eye of the beholder.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Art