Weekly Photo Challenge-Unexpected


Our first day in Kruger Park National Park

plane_0064a We boarded our Airlink flight to the town of Pahalaborwa…

wing_0056 ..which arrived under us in approximately fifty minutes.

Airport_0062The sights which greeted us were totally unexpected as was the sign stating this was the Gateway to Kruger Park.   However, upon reflection, perfectly normal.


Soon in the Kruger Park proper, for our drive to Olifants Rest Camp, we were greeted with what we thought a breath-taking, and unexpected, array of bird and animal life.

vulture_0078These photos are in chronological order, commencing with a vulture…

probably checking us out to see if there was a weakling among us….

giraffe_0337b..a trio of giraffes not knowing which way took look so covering all possibilities.

elephant_0109bA thirsty elephant only about 100 metres from the road had cameras clicking.

grysbock_0130a…as did this klipspringer, high up on a rock formation.


a small herd (I’m sure that is not the collective noun) of zebras also made more than a cameo appearance.

bird_0158 Birds (this one a lilac-breasted roller) watching us watching them…..

bird_0160a…departed swiftly if they thought they had spent enough time with the new tourists.

hornbill_0157The hornbill was to play more than a cameo in our holiday, although we did not know that at this stage.


More elephants on show…


 …along with a resting Cape Buffalo.  There was more but this was the best shot.

waterbuck_0191aOnce again, a first sighting and although not a very clear sighting, cameras were working overtime…at least mine was.

hippo_0226a A long-range shot of some hippos was well received by all.  The open mouth was not a yawn, rather a young one was being sternly rebuked by its elders.


Photographically, this is not a good shot, but these waterbuck appeared stranded on a narrow strip of terra firma…


…while the neighbour on the other side of the river was  pretending not to notice.


Finally, Olifants Camp came in sight and our first day was nearly at an end.  We all commented on what a great day it had been, discussing sightings and photographs taken.   While we had travelled to South Africa to see the animals, it was not expected that we would be able to see them in such abundance on our first day.

Little did we know what was in store for us…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected



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50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Unexpected

    • Thank you. the animals were certainly unexpected in the number and closeness. You might like a look at my, I shouldd have said MGW’s photo of me holding a vulture in the A-Z V Challenge.


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    • Thank you. Must confess the vulture is one bird that I had a re-think about. Realised my views were always negative thanks to movies. I may not like their eating habits but they are a great bird.


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