Travel Theme-Fragrant


My Travel Theme for this week.


A photo on wheresmybackpack was my prompt for this week’s challenge.


Each morning when arriving at work, the night staff, or maybe some early arrivals of the day staff variety, will have had a toaster…somewhere in the building, working overtime just before I arrive.  The fragrance begins rather inocuously as above….two simple pieces of bread in electronic device.


Once we get to this stage it is time to make a pot of tea.  We don’t drink as much coffee at home as we do at work.  Whatever your brew it is time to make it as a pot of tea takes time to ‘draw’ the flavour out of the leaves.


Shortly after this is the result.  Some people will say this toast is over cooked, but my mouth is beginning to salivate just looking at my handiwork. 😉


On my plate there is no turning back.  A variety of toppings, one which the rest of the world detests (Vegemite), and your day is beginning well…until one arrives at work and smells this beautiful fragrance all over again.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Fragrant