Weekly Photo Challenge-Unexpected-2


Unexpected weather

During the course of preparing my first unexpected post, we had a few showers of rain…


..some thunder and a down pour or two which in this case…


…was too much for the spouting/gutters to handle.


Both sides of the house suffered the same problem….too many down pipes and not enough outlets.


So for  few minutes water ran everywhere.


Way out west I had one loyal pooch who was not going to give up the day bed no matter how wet she became..


..while on the east side, no matter how hard rain belted into the fish pond, Soxie was reasonable dry and comfortable…although totally out of focus in this shot!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected




16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Unexpected-2

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    • We had 52 points (13 mm) for the twenty four hours. Eleven of those in short sharp downpours during Saturday afternoon. It has been a beautiful spring so far. Last year it stopped raining in October and was very hot for nearly six months. Love cooler weather.


      • While a green Christmas is always assured here in the Pacific Northwest of the US, we always hope for the white Christmas. Complete with all the travel disruptions. Do you have many issues with the holiday with it being summer?


      • The main issue we have, as in all countries I suspect, are tourists travelling in the droves to coastal destinations causing traffic chaos for several days. Also a green Christmas in the south does not extend far inland and most of the community is aware of the potential of fires starting either deliberately of accidentally.


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