In 2017 we had a downpour of big rain drops.

A slow shutter speed and…

…some editing and I think a reasonable result

has been achieved.

Raindrops on a car windscreen.

Raindrops caused this sight last week.

We have had a follow up rains,

160 points/40mm in total

between Wednesday night and Saturday morning.

Smiles everywhere.


It has been like finding that elusive pot of gold.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Raindrops


Wordless Wednesday19_0508_Rainbow

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I woke at 0100 Wednesday morning

to the sound of heavy rain upon the roof.

It continued for at least another 30 minutes

leaving another 26 points (6.5mm)

in the rain gauge.

I managed to capture this as I was leaving

on a pre-lunch photographic drive.

250 points until April 30

and 150-160, so far, in May.


Hope you enjoyed.




Tuesday Photo Challenge



We are praying for it this year,

so hope this post helps.Some of our Japanese Maples


in wetter times.

Likewise our apple tree.

After a summer downpour.

And when our water system develops a crack,

the rain goes everywhere.

Rains drops exploding on verandah’s edge.

Taken a few years ago now.

The result of nine down-pipes merging into one

and heavy rain.

Not sure if taken during rain or while in a car wash.

My favourite series of rain  shots.

One of the series edited…a bit.

I can only suggest the wide red strip

is rain drops close to the camera as there was

nothing else to cause it.




Best I can do for hail…

is really heavy rain.

Although I didn’t have my camera

when wind and rain removed the roof

of a well-known wedding reception centre in Geelong.

  During the same storm,

half-inch diameter hailstones

came through our church door

and coming to rest about twenty feet up the aisle.



Weekly Weather: Hail

Weekly Weather



On January 9, I posted this photo of

the moon and its halo which has been

known to be an indicator of rain.

On Friday January 12, rain began to fall.

Slow rain.

Steady rain.

The garden heaved a sigh of relief.

Overnight we received

8.5 millimetres/30 points,

of rain.

This morning  the rain has continued

in showers through to mid afternoon.

Not much sun but we have had showers

similar to this one in early October.



Weekly Weather: Sun Shower

Weekly Weather