Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wildlife



from South  Africa

and Kruger National Park.

Was difficult to tell if this kingfisher had dinner in

its mouth amid  the flurry of wings and water.


If it did, it was a bit like a Labrador dog…

still hungry seconds after the last mouthful.

 These Springbok were some of the first African wildlife we sighted.

Only about ten minutes drive from Johannesburg’s

O.R. Tambo Airport in a small wild life paddock at our motel.  


These Yellow Billed Hornbills appeared to be telling

each other jokes…or laughing at the  tourists! 

They would look at each other and ‘talk’ for a few seconds,

then wings would be spread slightly and heads bob furiously

as if laughing at a punch line.


 This sighting was, at the time, my favourite.

High up in a tree nearing sundown

I took hundreds of shots.

It was only bettered by our

lion cub sighting on our last night.


Wordless Wednesday15-0402

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Last Sunday the inaugural

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road

Cycling Classic

was contested.


cycling_5These shots were taken during the three, 20 kilometre,

laps of Geelong streets
cycling_3The race was won by Gianni Meersman, from Belgium.



Second was Australian,  Simon Clarke, and…

cycling_7Nathan Haas finished third.

In his last  professional race, Cadel Evans finished in fifth place.

Congratulations Cadel…enjoy retirement.


Wordless Wednesday

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Yesterday’s Black and Whites…in colour.

This shot is overlooking Corio Bay.

Geelong CBD is just around to the left, as is Eastern Beach and the marina.



These two shots overlook Stingaree Bay.




This eucalypt can be found in the East Geelong Golf Course.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Some random bird photos this week
mudlark_0655The first two images are of a Mudlark…


which is similar in colour to a magpie,

but a good deal smaller.

magpie_0019A magpie thanking me for the food I had given it…

or maybe it was calling its mates into our backyard.

Both birds frequently visit us.


Wordless Wednesday

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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-42


Odd Ball

Week 42


The magpies were in our backyard this afternoon.

(First photo taken through fly-wire door…hence softness)

magpie_2333I decided to feed them some bread as  usual.

Mum, swooped in quickly to within a few feet

of the back door.

Then…we heard it.

The young one squawking for a feed…

and it would not come and feed of its own accord.

Note: bread visible in bottom left corner.

sparrow_2376In the meantime, while ‘mum’ was feeding her baby,

this little sparrow came and helped itself to several

pieces of bread and all the while

the young magpie squawked for food.

There may have been a young a sparrow around…

but somehow, I doubt it.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-42








A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Companion


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



My initial reaction was to use these photos, this week.
brandy-dc2001-2Brandy and me in 1988/89.
brandyy-dc_2-3He was my faithful companion until…
brandy-dc2002-2he died suddenly in 2001.

ginger0002He had worked hard all his life.  Fortunately he had sired a litter of pups…

gingerwhich were born a week or so before he died.

Ginger who has featured on this blog filled the void left by Brandy.

She is now the same age as Brandy was when he passed away,

however, she does not look anywhere near as old as he did,

because she has not worked as hard…

in fact hardly worked at all.

I am referring to working with sheep.

So for around a quarter of  century I have had

two very faithful canine companions.

ducks_0617Today, with the temperature pushing over 30 degrees…

duucks_0617I paid a visit to Balyang Sanctuary and found plenty of companions.

Some scurried away to protect their young…

ducks_0591while other companions sat around and posed for me.