Homemade hand mades….mostly.

Was this wooden water pipe handmade….possibly.

A community group assembled these planter boxes

with the aid of a few power tools.


Rough and ready but it is the first thing

I remember making for a wee Brandy pup in 1988. 

In 2016 it was replaced with…

with a newer model for a newer pooch. 

The old pooch gave it her seal of approval.

Candi even has a verandah in front. 

Really I decided not to cut the timber

and it has been a real bonus for her. 


But Taji’s kennel was the first and biggest one I made.

Big enough  to cater for visitors.



7 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk163-Handmade

    • Agreed….far better than having fighting dogs. The downside is that during hot weather all they do is seek shade. Our guard comes down, today ws cooler, let off together and they are still mischief makers. Strong winds, a neighbour’s rubbish bin on the ground and rubbish over our front yard. So I relaxed it wasn’t a delivery left at our front door….oh yes it was. A plastic phone cover (a new eBay purchase) found it way to the trampoline where Taji was chewing it this evening. MGW not really happy!! Couriers either lazy or not very bright. They could easily have left it on our mailbox, but no it has to be dumped at the front door where dogs can reach it.

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  2. Something about this one just makes me <smile> =) Content canines, perhaps.

    I notice you made the entrances small enough that an adult human male probably couldn’t be relegated to these by an upset adult female. 😉


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