a plane figure with four straight sides and four right angles,
especially one with unequal adjacent sides,
in contrast to a square.


Rectangles within rectangles.

Can you find…

…more than ten rectangles in each image?






During the period our house was being built

the builders often had pieces of 4 x 2 inch

pine timber in their rubbish skip.

As soon as my shed was built

I began salvaging any useable timber,

much the MGW’s disgust,

reassuring her that…

it would come in handy one day.’

It took nearly ten years before ‘one day’ arrived.

I used it to create the frame of our dog kennels.


Word of the Day Challenge: Create



When one looks there is geometry everywhere.

Pink wrapping paper contains geometrical patterns.

Triangles everywhere.


On the walls of the

National Gallery of Victoria.

The home of Australian Art…in Melbourne.

Note the nicely blended rectangles.

Even in the Geelong suburb of Waurn Ponds…

…geometry is a feature of its external walls.

This photo of Taji’s kennel contains

at least three geometrical shapes.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Geometry






Homemade hand mades….mostly.

Was this wooden water pipe handmade….possibly.

A community group assembled these planter boxes

with the aid of a few power tools.


Rough and ready but it is the first thing

I remember making for a wee Brandy pup in 1988. 

In 2016 it was replaced with…

with a newer model for a newer pooch. 

The old pooch gave it her seal of approval.

Candi even has a verandah in front. 

Really I decided not to cut the timber

and it has been a real bonus for her. 


But Taji’s kennel was the first and biggest one I made.

Big enough  to cater for visitors.







This was my pride and joy in about 1987/88.The floor is an old door and every other piece

was found on our newly acquired farm.

Now all followers who could be known as MGW

will probably think the same as MGW did.

She thought even less when I loaded it on

the trailer and moved it 200 kilometers

to our new home.


The passing of Ginger in 2015 and the acquisition

of two young dogs early 2016 saw three kennels

constructed similar to this one.

Now everyone is happy.


Thursday’s Special: Recycled