Weekly Photo Challenge-From-Every-Angle



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have been wanting to use these images since our

Melbourne Laneways excursion in late June.

EFIJY-car_0190We came upon the Holden EFijy…

EFIJY-car_0191on display at the National Art Gallery of Victoria,

which now seems to be part of Federation Square.

EFIJY-car_0192The EFijy was designed in Australia by Holden

in tribute to the FJ Holde which was one of the

first models produced in Australia.

EFIJY-car_0193The EFijy is based on America’s Chevrolette Corvette…

EFIJY-car_0194and made its debut at the

Australian 2005 International Motor Show.

While I have only EVER driven a Holden as my main/family car,

I am not a car whiz…all information provided

is readily available on good old Wikipedia.

EFIJY-car_0195Whenever we saw this view of an elephant in Africa,

our guide would comment,

‘…there goes the whole of Africa…’

I think I have covered every angle! 



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-From-Every-Angle

  1. Shiny!!!! My dad would have LOVED this–during WWII he was in charge of the officers’ motor pool overseas, and when he came home he used to go to car shows and take photos like these. Thanks for sharing!


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