Travel Theme-Feet




Travel Theme.


Photos from South Africa.



elephant_0238These feet belong to Thembo, a 30-year-old, six ton elephant which

our guide raised for some years.

We were told that 2.5 times the circumference of an elephants front foot,

is the same distance as ground to shoulder.

So, next time we wonder how tall is that elephant,

all we have to  do is measure around its foot.

leopard_0729After sighting these feet I would happily have gone home…if I had to.

This sighting occurred around 5 PM on only the second day of our safari.

By then we had seen specimens of all African animals in the wild.

This just topped it off.

I still refer to it as the National Geographic shot.

How much I would have missed had I gone home.


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    • Scared is the last emotion I would use to describe an encounter with African wildlife. The leopard had a full belly and was happily snoozing until tourists sighted it. The only time I was a bit concerned was when a lion let out a roar at what seemed only ten or twelve feet from our tent…just after we had turned in for the night. He was actually about 30 metres away from us.

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