Weekly Photo Challenge-Creepy



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



When I read that Creepy was this week’s theme…

spidera_0071the first photo I though of was this.

Arachnids and reptiles do give me the creeps.

 fort_nepean_0036Then inspired by MyThoughtsThrough the Lens I thought of

this series of photos taken at Fort Nepean on Port Phillip Bay.


My Grandfather was part of the gun crew which fired

the First Shot of World War I.

During his time at the fort he would have

been moving around these tunnels,

in the cold and dark,

save for candle light.

fort_nepean_0039knowing that at any moment,

if instructions were not followed,

he or some else,

may accidentally bring their candle flame

into contact with gunpowder.



NOW….if you did not think my first photo all that creepy,

my last may have the desired effect…
spider_0071It did with MGW when she looked round the corner

at my monitor to see what I was doing!!! 😀

Apologies for my Photoshop skills, or lack thereof.



Floral Friday-15-1408



Floral Friday Challenge.


Our favourite camellia.

It was purchased around 15 years ago.
camellia_7259Planted under a willow tree for four or five years before being transported over two hundred kilometres to its present location this old camellia has an abundance of flowers this year.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday