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tree_021In slightly warmer, drier parts of Victoria ‘gum’ trees

are dotted around paddocks to provide shade.

I remember planting plantations, with Dad

as our farm did not have any trees on it.

Neither did neighbouring farms.

I think it may have something to do with clearing land

in the 1920s or that in 1939 fires ravaged our area.trees_1577

About twenty years ago the ‘blue gum’ companies came into our area.

Thousands of acres of Eucalyptus Globulus have been planted.

I was phoned just after Dad passed away and

eventually we decided to plant trees.

Harvesting concluded last year and left

a good deal more mess than promised.

However, the land has been re-leased and will be

cleaned and replanted with new trees.

Apparently wood pulp is used, in part, to make clothing.

Trees in  the background were to be harvested late last year,

but are still standing and maybe harvested this year.

tree_6111Although this is a scene near Geelong

it is also typical of many farms in Western Victoria.


My post is a bit early , but I am heading off on a day trip

with my son today…won’t be home till late this afternoon.  

Cameras are packed. 🙂


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Trees