Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Sense-of-Smell


My contribution for this week’s

Sense of  Smell



roses_44441They say a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

Probably so.

Mock Orange_1851When in bloom our mock orange is rich with scent.

daffodil_0748MGW tells me that daffodils have a scent/perfume

which one either loves or hates.

Jonquils_1929Another with a love or hate scent is the erlicheer jonquil.woolshedm_1941

Finally, I have to throw in a woolshed.

I have been told they have a smell like ammonia,

but for mine they always smelled like $$$$$.

 As it was where our yearly income was gathered or I earned wages


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Sense-of-Smell





Black and White Tuesday15-2909


Black and White Tuesday

 September 29, 2015


New Holland Honey Eater
new-holland-honey-eater_0006I first capture a New Holland Honey Eater several months ago

during a visit to Werribee Zoo…between Melbourne and Geelong
new-holland-honey-eater_0048Then I noticed they were in our back yard.
new-holland-honey-eater_0007This particular day I was leaving home and had to reverse

the car to capture this series of photos.

As seen in the first photo this one was being

aggressively vocal towards something in the garden.



Hope you enjoyed.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-39


Odd Ball

Week 39


When we moved off the farm I decided to give the dogs

a slice of bread each morning to give them something

to think about other than roaming.

These shots could have been taken on many occasion over past years.

They were however taken two days ago, on September 26.

pets_7808Over recent months we have noted that our princess

spends more time with  pricked ears guarding her bread…

but not eating it.

The vacuum cleaner, on the other hand is not happy

until she has sniffed each and every morsel

which may or may not have been left behind.

So above is a very typical scene in our back yard…

pets_7811and Maggie will settle in for the long haul…if necessary.

pets_7812Eventually Ginger moves off and Maggie moves in to do

her civic duty and cleans up any mess left behind.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-39








Which Way Challenge-15-Wk-38


For my last

Which Way


some photos from

our visit to Williamstown last Thursday.

Williamstown_7793Williamstown is one of Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Williamstown_7784The area we visited was close to the Williamstown Marina…

skyline-melbourne_7726-Bfrom where Melbourne’s skyline is clearly visible.

Just for the record…clouds in this photo have not been added

nor removed from the top two.

I had to check the originals to make sure 🙂

However, the clouds/background

has been darkened to accentuate the skyline.

williamstown_7754I added this shot as it gives an idea of the cloud

building up over the city.  

To the right is Melbourne (previous photo)…

to the left is the area where top photos were taken.

And if you look carefully, waaaaayyyyy in the background,

just visible above the boats is the curve of

 West Gate Bridge.

This bridge was built to clear all traffic problems, etc.,

and collapsed in October 1970 during construction,

killing 35 workers.

October 15 will mark the 45th anniversary of that tragedy.


Which Way



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-15-Week-38





Travel Theme-Fruit




Travel Theme.


At the moment we are…
Blossom_1901encouraging our trees to look like this…

apples_0373which will in turn create these scenes.

Later extra ripening time will be needed for some…

apples_5534that is where a nearby windowsill or bowl is useful.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Fruit



Weekly Photo Challenge-Change



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Nature rules my offering again this week.

ibis_7659Back in the 60s and 70s we would often sight

six or eight swans flying inland (north)

during warm to hot weather.

We began to note that within a day or two

our warm weather would have turn cold and wet.

ibis_7660Conversely during a spell of cold, wet and windy weather

those same swans would be battling their way

south into a head strong south wind.

And the sun would begin to shine.

The swans, or our forecasts, became a bit of a joke among us.

We began to watch how fast they were flying

(I resisted the urge to say flapping their wings).

Flying at Sunday drive speed meant we had

two to three days before the weather changed.

If they were moving along like a hoon driver

bad weather was upon us by day’s end.

acacia_7661A more reliable sign of the change of seasons

is the Acacia (Wattle) trees commencing to bloom.

Most Acacias bloom in  July or August and have always

been noted as a sign that spring is just around the corner.

clouds_7650-bAlthough there has been some editing to

accentuate the pony tails in this photo,

this sky has always been a fore runner of a change of weather.

It was taken half an hour before the ibis shots at the top of this post.

The sighting of these ibis heading inland, and this sky,

may have been co-incidence,

however we did experience two of our coldest

September days in over twenty years a few days later.







Black and White Challenge:



williamstown_7759A  nut and bolt on a large piece of machinery?

williamstown_7758 (2)Big, but not that big.

The top picture is of the nut, front right.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Perspective




Floral Friday-15-2509


Floral Friday Challenge.


The daisies are beautiful this time of year.

They are surrounding a rather large pot

on the top level of this bed,

which was christened the pyramid,

by our then thirteen year old son.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday