Black and White Tuesday15-2508


Black and White Tuesday

 August 25, 2015


Some Black and Whites from our walk around

Geelong on Sunday morning

geelong_0005In 2007-2008 I was teaching some of the

disengaged youth of Geelong

on a part-time basis.

geelong_0195I was told that they painted a lane wall one day when

I was not rostered to work.

And by painted, I mean coloured in between

the lines drawn by a professional artist.

I did try to cajole one of my students into painting a canvas for us.

However, the offer of money, paint and canvas

was not enough to get him enthused to put his skills to use.

With the benefit of hindsight, I now wonder if art

he claimed to be his own was

merely colouring between the lines.

geelong_0178A camera club colleague also stated that he loved this work

but could  not abide a simple tag which truly defaced a wall.

art_3977Probably none of the above (BWs) would make it to our walls,

however, we do have several inexpensive pieces

similar to this one, around our walls.



Hope you enjoyed.