Travel Theme-Details




Travel Theme.


We had a birthday in our household last week.

flower_0012Quietly I suggested to the chips off the old block

that a surprise visit for tea/dinner whatever

you want to call an evening meal,

would be appropriate.

flower_0021We worked out who was going to collect the takeaway,

no expense was to be spared.

flower_0025Both boys arrived, promptly, with flowers.

Then the inevitable discussion began about who was ‘Favourite Son’.

So it went…No. 1 declared he was, because his flowers were better.

No 2 countered with ‘I got Mum’s favourite colour”

No 1, found some of the favourite colour in his bunch,

and reclaimed his perch.

Honestly!  It was like I was back in a Grade 2 class…

flower_0027After No. 1 had departed for the evening,

No. 2 pointed out that he had provided

 the favourite colour ribbon and ‘…I tied it myself…’

 So that makes me ‘Favourite Son.’

I have to add that MGW had been in bed

for half an hour when this comment was made.

Now, for one final detail.  After nearly thirty years

I would have said MGW’s favourite colour was black.

Again I  am just hanging in and that’s all.


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